Dr. Ray Martorano

Raymond D. Martorano, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and certified alcohol and drug counselor with a health service provider designation.

Dr. Martorano earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Temple University and both his master’s and doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University. He completed an APA accredited internship in clinical psychology at the Veterans Administration Hospitals at Lyons and East Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Martorano also holds a master’s in pastoral studies from Lexington Theological Seminary and is a retired and ordained deacon in the Catholic Church. Finally, he completed two years of training as a behavioral health consultant at Walter Reed Naval Hospital and Wright Patterson Air Force Medical Center. Dr. Martorano is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Kentucky Psychological Association and a prior member of the Kentucky Medical Association’s Mental Health and Colleague Assistance Committees.

Dr. Martorano has a broad range of work experiences including being a clinical instructor at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Bronx, New York and an assistant professor in psychology at the University of Kentucky. He also worked in the Kentucky community mental health system, was an employee assistance provider for Chessie Systems Railroads, IBM, Toyota and Fed Ex, and worked in an inpatient setting for Charter Medical Corporation and CompCare Corporation. Finally, Dr. Martorano worked as part of a team to aid impaired physicians for the Kentucky Medical Licensing Board.

Dr. Martorano uses mostly a cognitive-behavioral approach to treat current problems in late teens, adults, couples, and families. He specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, couples communication problems and conflicts, and non-compliance with chronic medical conditions. He also treats adults suffering from addictions. Dr. Martorano is also familiar with basic health psychology and short-term behavioral interventions for sleep disorders, chronic pain, attention and concentration disorders, and life style changes.

Dr. Martorano is married with one child. He is an avid reader and enjoys music and science fiction. He spends most of his spare time in activities with his family.